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Riding your motorcycle in winter can be dangerous, so it may be best to keep it stored this winter. To learn if this is the right step for you and how to do it, read these tips from Ace Hi Oil.

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What to Consider About Riding in Winter

You may be excited at the idea of riding your motorcycle this winter. This, however, can be a dangerous choice. To help you decide whether to ride in the winter or winterize your motorcycle, check out the information below.

Pros of Riding Your Motorcycle in Winter

If you're a motorcycle owner, chances are you love your bike and you love the open road. This won't change during the winter, so you may be tempted to simply bundle up and brave the cold on your motorcycle. Other motorcycle riders may tell you this is a great way to see the beautiful winter scenes from the front row. On top of this, you can continue to save money on gas and save time when looking for parking in a crowded mall parking lot. While all of this may sound great, you also have to consider the cons of riding your motorcycle in winter.

Cons of Riding Your Motorcycle in Winter

Unfortunately, there are quite a few reasons that can hold you back from comfortably and safely riding your motorcycle during the winter. The cold temperatures and the inclement weather can get in the way of a safe and enjoyable ride. Wet weather and freezing temperatures can lead to frozen and slick roads which put you in more danger of road accidents. The cold can lead to issues like hypothermia and can also slow down your reaction time. If you get caught in a storm, your visibility won't be great, making it harder to stay safe. You may have to pull over and wait out the storm before getting back on the road. If you think bundling up and relying on your gear will be enough to keep you safe, this isn't necessarily true. Bundling up can keep you warmer, but it can also be clunky and restrict you. Even the best gear won't get rid of the bad weather and slick road conditions.

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Should You Winterize Your Motorcycle?

Living in an area that gets tons of snow, heavy showers, and freezing temperatures can make it much harder to enjoy riding your motorcycle. These conditions can also make the road much more dangerous for you. If you want to avoid all of this, winterizing your motorcycle and storing it is a great option. Rather than just parking it in your garage until spring, you have to carefully prep your motorcycle for storage to ensure it'll be ready for you in spring.

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

If your plan for the winter includes storing your motorcycle, use these tips to get it done effectively:
  • Wash and dry: Since you've been riding your motorcycle, it's likely that its body isn't clean. Take the time to wash your motorcycle and remove any debris it has on its body so that it doesn't rust or damage it. Once it's clean, dry it thoroughly so that moisture doesn't get trapped on it and cause corrosion.
  • Change the oil and filter: Old oil can breakdown in your engine and even turn to sludge. This can be a real nuisance come spring, so do your best to prevent it. Give your motorcycle a synthetic oil change and change out the oil filter before putting it away for winter.
  • Keep the battery charged: Keeping your motorcycle's battery in your bike all winter will result in a dead battery once spring arrives. To prevent this, take the battery out and connect it to a trickle charger. This will keep it safely charged and will ensure it's ready to go once winter is over.
  • Plug all openings: If you don't plug the openings in your motorcycle (exhaust pipe, airbox, etc) rodents can turn it into their new home. They are fond of chewing through cables and other parts, so it's best to plug these openings so that they can't get in.
  • Keep it off its tires: A bike stand is a great investment that will help keep your motorcycle off of its tires all winter. If you simply park your motorcycle in the garage, your tires can get flat spots from carrying the weight of the motorcycle all season long. You can manually rotate these every once in a while to prevent these flat spots or simply prop it up on a motorcycle stand.
  • Cover and store properly: Finally, when finding the right spot for your motorcycle's hibernation, look for a cool, dark space. Avoid putting your motorcycle by a window where it will heat up and cool down daily since this can cause condensation, which can lead to rust. Be sure to put a cover on it to prevent dust and moisture from making its way onto your bike.

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