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During the spring, flooded roads may not be uncommon. While driving through them isn't ideal, there are times when it's inevitable. After driving through high water, check on your car using these tips.

What to Do After Driving Through Flooded Streets

Since the rainy season is just around the corner, heavy storms and flooded streets may be things you're expecting. If you're like most people, you're not looking forward to the road conditions caused by the weather. One of the scariest things you may encounter is a flooded street that can damage your car. If you've driven through a flooded street or high water, use these tips to check on your car and ensure it's fine.

Don't Drive During a Storm

If you don't want to drive through a flooded street, the easiest way to avoid this is by not going out during a storm. This sounds easy enough, but many people will still go out even during a heavy storm. If you have an outing that isn't crucial, such as going to the grocery store or to lunch with friends, wait out the bad weather or reschedule for another day. This will ensure you don't drive through dangerous weather that can put you in danger and cause trouble for your car. If you're already out and get caught in a storm, do your best to avoid roads that you know flood. This will reduce the chances of your car being damaged by water.

Check Your Brakes

If you do end up driving through high water, you'll have to check on a few areas of your car. First, you'll want to ensure that your brakes are working at their best. When you drive through deep water, this can result in water and other debris getting in your brakes. As a result, your brakes may not work well. You can pump your brakes a few times to help them dry out faster which can help them get back to normal. However, if you drove through dirty water, which isn't uncommon on city streets, you'll want to get your brakes checked by a professional because of all the additional debris in your brakes system.

Take a Look at the Air Filter

Driving through deep water can cause water to seep into your engine. If this is something you're concerned about, there's an easy way to figure out if water has gotten into your engine. Locate your air filter and remove it. If this part is wet, it's very likely there is water in your engine. The air intake is quite low on most newer model vehicles, making it quite easy for water to get in there. If you're worried about your engine, it's best to take it to a mechanic to get fixed. Since this can be a hard task and one that can cause more damage to your engine, you'll be better off leaving your car in the hands of a professional. To keep your car's engine in healthier shape for a long time, give it a synthetic oil change in Fort Worth. Click here to purchase AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and keep your car's engine running cleaner and stronger when compared to conventional oil. Contact the friendly oil pros at Ace Hi Oil to find even more great AMSOIL Oil products for your car. To learn more or to place an order, give them a call at (888) 459-9958 or stop by their online store.

Check the Undercarriage

It may come as no surprise to hear that your car's undercarriage should also be inspected after driving through a flooded street. Since this part of your car is exposed to the floodwaters, you'll want to visually inspect it afterward. Take a look under your car and look out for mud, dirt, and other debris. This sort of buildup can lead to rust and corrosion if it isn't removed properly. To get the job done, you'll also want to rely on a mechanic you trust.

Look at Your Car's Fluids

Finally, you'll want to visually inspect your car's fluids. While most cars have reservoirs that are sealed to not let water in, it's still worth your time to double-check. Water, especially dirty water, can contaminate your fluids, meaning they won't be able to do their job and may even lead to damage. If any of your fluids have been contaminated, flush them out and replace them with new fluids.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in Fort Worth, TX This Winter

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