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When the weather gets cold, it can be hard for your car to operate at its best. During the winter, the cold can be especially hard on your car's battery. To get it working at its best, use these tips.

How to Care for Your Battery This Winter

During the winter, outdoor temperatures can reach their lowest point of the year. This can definitely become a problem for you, but you might not think much about how this can also affect your car. As temperatures get colder, this can take a real toll on your car's battery. To learn how to avoid battery problems as a result of the winter cold, keep reading.

Clean Your Battery

To start, it can help to keep your battery's connections clean. Pop open your hood and locate the battery. Visually inspect the connections and look out for things like rust, corrosion, and other debris. All of this can lead to your battery having a harder time sending power to the parts that need it. If needed, carefully clean off these parts. It will help your battery if you can reduce any extra strain that it's feeling in the already tough weather.

Stay out of the Cold

You may avoid going out in the cold during the winter, but your car has no choice. Not only does it have to transport you in the cold, but it also has to spend the cold nights outdoors or in a chilly garage. All of this exposure to the cold can add tons of strain on your battery, making starting up in the morning even tougher. Ideally, your car should be parked in a garage to help protect it from the freezing outdoors. If you can't park it inside, a car cover can help keep it a bit warmer. During the day, try to park your car in a covered space or in a space where the sun hits it. This extra heat can make all the difference after a long day at the office.

Test Your Battery

A dead battery is the last thing you want during the winter. Since most batteries last somewhere between three to five years, don't push your battery beyond that during the winter. The cold can push an already weak battery onto its last leg. Your battery may show signs that it's near its end, such as trouble starting, so don't ignore these signs of trouble. If you're not sure how much life your battery has left in it, now is a good time to get it tested. Get a volt test which will tell you if you should get a new battery or if your current battery will make it through the winter. To take some of the strain off your battery this winter, make sure the rest of your car's parts are working at their best. One thing you can do to achieve this is to give your car a synthetic oil change in Fort Worth TXClick here to buy AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and keep your car running strong this winter. You can find even more great AMSOIL Oil products by contacting the oil experts at Ace Hi Oil. Give them a call at (888) 459-9958 or stop by their online store to learn more or to place your order.

Take It Slow

When you jump into your car in the morning, getting the battery to turn on may be enough for you to feel like it's all going great. While this is a great sign, it can also help your battery to be patient and not push your car too hard right away. Avoid turning up the radio, turning on the lights, and blasting the air right away since this can add even more strain to your battery. Let your battery start and start charging before pushing it all into high gear. Drive away slowly to allow your car engine to heat up slowly as well.

Be Prepared for Trouble

Finally, it never hurts to be prepared. Since the cold can take a toll on your battery and you know this, don't forget to carry jumper cables in your trunk. Be sure your jumper cables are still working and that you know how to use them. This will ensure you can get your battery working quickly instead of having to wait for roadside assistance in the cold.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Fort Worth, TX This Winter

To ensure your car is able to make it through the winter, give it a synthetic oil change in Fort Worth, TX. To find the right oil for your car, contact the friendly oil experts at Ace Hi Oil at (888) 459-9958.

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