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You see all of the claims about high mileage synthetic motor oils, but did you know that reducing your oil change frequency is just one of the benefits? This article has more information on these benefits.

What Else Is a High Mileage Synthetic Motor Oil Doing Inside Your Engine?

There is no denying that the primary benefit of a high mileage synthetic engine oil is to extend the period between visits to your mechanic or the need for you to perform you own synthetic oil change in Colleyville. However, the very nature of its work provides you and your engine with many other benefits. Ace Hi Oil has the following post below to shed some lights on these benefits.

The Obvious

Let's start with a brief explanation of how a high mileage synthetic motor oil works to extend the time between synthetic oil changes. The conditions inside your engine are not pleasant. While they work just fine for your engine, the oil that you put inside it has its work cut out for it. Between being squashed, squeezed, and thinned out, your car's engine oil puts up with a lot of abuse. However, it can't do its job forever under these circumstances and eventually begins to breakdown. This is the point where you likely perform your synthetic oil change or take your car to a mechanic because your oil light has been on for a while. High mileage synthetic oil is engineered to include purpose-designed additives introduced during the refinement process which actively work against this type of wear and maintains their primary function for longer. Their primary purpose being to keep the parts inside your engine lubricated sufficiently to operate at its best for as long as possible. On its own, this is a great benefit to your engine and your hip pocket. While it might mean that the best high-mileage synthetic motor oils such as Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil may appear to cost more at the point of purchase, their extended lifespan means fewer purchases when compared to conventional oils. To find out more, speak with an expert at Ace Hi Oil by calling (888) 459-9958 and learn which high mileage synthetic oil is best suited to your engine and your needs.

Reduced Engine Damage

Along with lubricating your engine parts, the length of operation also means that your engine parts receive protection for longer. When a conventional oil breaks down and needs replacing, it also puts your engine parts at risk of damage because it can no longer protect them. Without the protection of a high-quality engine oil, your engine becomes nothing more than metal scraping against metal at high speeds and high temperatures. A high mileage synthetic motor oil, however, works for longer which means that your engine parts are also receiving a longer span of damage and wear protection.

Increase Your Fuel Economy

Your engine oil's primary job is to lubricate the interactions between engine parts. The better the level of lubrication, the less friction that occurs as the components interact. The smoother the interaction between these engine parts, the less fuel your engine needs to keep going. With a high mileage synthetic motor oil, engine parts receive lubrication for longer, meaning a longer span of driving with little to no friction. The end results for the car owner? Fewer trips to the gas station between synthetic oil changes.

Maximize Your Power

Keeping with the remark mentioned above on friction, there is another problem which friction can cause. A reduction in engine power. Despite how hard you press on your gas pedal or how loud you yell at your steering wheel, your engine can only work as fast as the interactions allow. With a high mileage synthetic oil, drivers can see an extension of the time they experience their vehicle performing at its peak. Remember that, without friction, your engine parts can perform better. This directly transfers to an engine which can run at its full capacity for longer.

Extend the Time Between Your Synthetic Oil Change in Colleyville

Extending the lifespan of your engine, reducing damage and wear, along with increasing your performance and fuel economy is simple. A synthetic oil change in Colleyville is all that it takes to give your engine the product it needs to perform at its best. To make sure you use only the best products in your engine, speak with Ace Hi Oil by calling (888) 459-9958 and ask about which synthetic engine lubricant is best for you. If you prefer, their online store has plenty of information on each of the products available to help you make the right decision.

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