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If you're a vehicle owner, it's highly likely you've heard that you need to provide frequent oil changes to maintain your engine properly. Still, if you're unaware of how frequent they should be, refer to the post below to learn the signs you need new oil.

How to Tell if Your Vehicle Requires a Synthetic Oil Change

  1. The first sign is the number of miles you've driven on your current oil. How many, however, will change depending on your vehicle, its engine, its age, and how you use it. Check your owner's manual or with a professional mechanic for an accurate number.
  2. You should also keep in mind when you did its last replacement. Even if you didn't use your vehicle much, if it's been over a year since the last replacement, you will need to do it again, as the oil will lose its qualities in that time.
  3. Another sign that your engine requires an oil change is if it's dirty, dark, and coarse. If during an inspection, you notice your motor oil has these characteristics, change it promptly, as the thicker, rougher texture can actually accelerate the wear process.
  4. Aside from being clean, your synthetic oil needs to be at the right levels to deliver the results you need it for. You can use the dipstick to see your if oil is low. If that's the case, refill it and check for leaks, so it can provide the necessary protection.
  5. Pay attention to your dashboard if you want clues about the oil replacements. If the "check engine" or "oil" signs turn on, get new synthetic oil soon, so your vehicle can continue working as expected.
  6. Lastly, note any odd behavior from your engine. Sometimes, a lack of good oil can cause it to become noisy or jumpy. If yours does this, change the oil and see if that fixes the problem. Be sure to visit a mechanic either way to rule out any other issue.

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