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Basic Motorbike Maintenance to Prevent Breakdowns

With weather like this, there has never been a better time to take your motorbike out on a road trip. Just like all vehicles, take some time to check and inspect your bike before heading out on the road. In this post, Ace Hi Oil has some basic ideas on getting  the most your motorbike road trip with AMSOIL oil in Grapevine.

How to Plan a Safe Road Trip

Gone are the days where you would pull out a map and track your road trip manually. Use online map services to plan your trip and research weather forecasts at different and key points along the way. In addition to providing you with advanced warning for any weather condition to prepare your bike for, this advice can also help you decide where you might like to stay along the way. If using a GPS, make sure that the battery has been fully charged before heading off and, if possible, download up to date road closure information.

Basic Motorcycle Upkeep

When it comes to road trips, the last thing you want is to experience (very) avoidable breakdowns. Start with the obvious ones first - electrical safety. Check your turn signals, brake lights and most importantly, headlamp(s). If any of these lights look like they are coming to the end of the working life, replace them before a road trip so as not to get stuck on the side of the highway at night without lights. Move on to the tires and the general condition of the bike and visible parts of your engine. If you notice any signs of damage, address it before you leave. Additionally, If it’s been a while since you changed your fluids, road trips provide the perfect reason.

Synthetic oil in Southlake

Using high quality Amsoil Oil in Grapevine is crucial to helping your motorbike run smoothly during your road trip. To prepare for for the expected, speak with an AMSOIL specialist here at Ace Hi Oil on 888 459 9958 about how Amsoil synthetic oil in Southlake can help your motorbike perform for longer.

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