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As winter is coming to its end, you may start planning how to prepare your motorcycle for the road. To get this done efficiently, use these helpful tips from Ace Hi Oil in Southlake.

Easy Care Tips for Your Motorcycle

If you've stored your motorcycle for the winter, you may be eager to take it out of storage as soon as the weather is slightly better. Before you hop on and hit the road, you will have to ensure your ride is as ready as you. To get started on this, use these tips.

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Check on Your Coolant

Your motorcycle's coolant is meant to keep temperatures at a good level. This means that when it's warm out, it keeps things cool, and when it's cold out, it keeps your engine from freezing. So, no matter the current temperature, you want to be sure your coolant is able to do its job. Check the owner's manual for accurate information about how often you should change. If it's time for a change, you can do it yourself, but be sure you feel comfortable removing parts of your motorcycle and that you have the proper tools for the job.

Prepare Your Tires

If you stored your motorcycle on a stand, the tires should be in good shape. They may have lost some air, so be sure to check the tire pressure. If your tires are low, head to the gas station and pump your tires up to the recommended pressure. If you're not sure what this is, check the owner's manual or the tire walls since these usually tell you the recommended pressure. Having a tire gauge on hand can help so you get a proper reading of your tire pressure. Don't forget to also inspect the tread. If the tread bars are at the same level as your tread, get new tires before going very far.

Get an Oil Change

To keep your engine running strong, you will need to change your oil on a regular schedule. Get to know your engine and oil so that you get a better understanding of how often you will need to change your oil. Your owner's manual will also have more information to help you out. Again, you can do this yourself or head to your local shop to get this done for you. Be sure you also change your oil filter so your oil stays better for longer.

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Clean the Chain

You may not think of your chain often, but it's important that you give it its proper maintenance. When your chain is dirty or gets mud or other debris stuck in it, get ready to clean it. This is super important if you want your motorcycle to run smoothly for longer, so don't put this off. You'll need a gentle bristle brush to remove this sort of debris without damaging your chain. Once it's all clean, grab some chain lubricant and apply it to your chain. Let this sit for about five minutes and then clean off the excess.

Check the Battery

If you want to ensure your motorcycle will run and not leave you stranded on the side of the road, you'll want to check on your battery. If it's been on a tender charger, it should be ready to go. If it's just been sitting in your motorcycle, it may be dead and need to be charged. Once you have this taken care of, don't forget to clean the terminals and, if needed, coat them in dielectric grease to prevent corrosion. Keep in mind that using accessories on your motorcycle can drain its battery faster.

Give It a Final Check

Once you're done with your maintenance, give it one final run through. Hop on your motorcycle and take it for a spin around the block, but don't go too far. Engage the different controls so you're sure they're all working properly. Once things are looking and feeling good, wash and dry your motorcycle before heading out for a real ride.

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