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You’ve seen them riding around the roads; riders wearing clothes you’re sure aren’t going to protect them. But they’re riders to they must know better, and you can follow suit, right?

Each time that you get on a motorbike you have a choice regarding what you wear. You can either get on the bike wearing something that makes you look like you walked straight out the coolest 80’s movie ever made (The Terminator (1984)) or to wear the right gear which can protect you when you really need it.

Stay Safe on Your Motorbike

If you’re new to owning a motorbike and are looking for information on staying safe or could do with a brief refresher course on the right type of gear to keep your body and your brain protected while you ride, Ace Hi Oil has a post which can help you out.

Starting at the Bottom

Do you how what’s cool? Sneakers! Or, even better, a smooth pair of hi-tops. Do you know what isn’t cool? The fact that these types of shoes are going to rip apart in the event of an accident, quickly leaving your feet and ankles exposed as hit the tar.
  • Instead, look for actual motorcycle boots designed for the task, and keep the following in your mind:
  • The more they bend when you pick them up and twist them around, the more your foot is going to do the same in an accident.
  • Be sure that you can easily and safely utilize the bike’s controls while wearing them in all weather conditions
  • They are tight enough that you notice them but not so tight that you are hesitant to wear them during your rides.

Moving up to Your Pants

Of course, nothing goes better with a pair of sneakers than a fresh (or acid wash) pair of jeans! Imagine all of the looks you’ll get! Of course, they won’t be good looks should you come off your bike and your jeans immediately rip open and your legs scrape along the road. With this in your mind, here’s are some items to look for:
  • Leather. That should be your first choice because not only can it protect you but it’s likely to be at a good price point.
  • Look for pants which include reinforcements to further protect you in an accident.
  • Remember that you aren’t just sitting, you also have to comfortably and safely get on and off the bike.
  • Given that you’ll be wearing them as you complete your off-bike errands, check there is sufficient pocket storage for your items.
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Now for Your Jacket

Remember how cool Elvis looked riding around on a motorbike in numerous movies wearing nothing but a leather jacket! In fact, in some movies the jacket was optional! While this may have made for a super-cool movie character, it isn’t going to protect a serious rider on their bike. When checking out motorcycle jackets, look for the following:
  • It’s a motorcycle jacket! Not a jacket for another purpose which is kind of similar and it should do the job. A jacket which was designed for a motorcyclist to wear it on their motorcycle.
  • Made of high-quality material and includes high-quality stitching to further reinforce its protection.
  • Reinforcements lining the arm, shoulders, and even the back/spine
  • Be sure it has enough storage options for your personal items while you rid
  • Make sure that you can safely and comfortably reach all of your controls

Time to Protect #1!

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you layer your entire body with protection if you forget to protect your head. Arguably the most important part of your body, protecting your head should always be on your mind (pardon the pun). When looking for a helmet, keep the following in your mind (again!):
  • It fits comfortably. Tight enough that it won’t come off but not so tight that it dissuades you to use it.
  • You can see safely through the visor
  • If you use a Bluetooth headset, that it will comfortably allow you to continue using it while you ride
  • It includes a level of ventilation or cooling technology to help you keep your cool while you ride.

Give Your Bike a Synthetic Oil Change in Southlake, TX

When it comes to staying safe while you ride, the above gear is definitely going to help! However, there is no substitute or safety item which affords you the better protection that your common sense, so stays safe while you ride! When it comes time for motorcycle maintenance, be sure that you only use the best products for your ride. Speak with an expert at Ace Hi Oil by calling (888) 459-9958 to find out about how a synthetic oil change in Southlake, TX can help improve the performance of your bike and also work to extend its lifespan. If you prefer, the online store has great information available about the range of products for all engine types.

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