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Basic Marine Maintenance to Protect Your Boat

While your boat doesn't take extensive regular maintenance, it does need your attention and the right products. If you are interested in protecting the lifespan of your boat, Ace Hi Oil has some easy to follow tips to keep your boat ready when you need it.

Start With Visible Wear and Debris

The best place to start is by cleaning any visible build up with fresh water and a marine appropriate scrubbing brush. Pay attention to any grooves in the design of your hull and the seals around the windows as these places are often hard to reach and can accumulate buildup quickly.

Take Care of Your Propeller

Because it is unseen and presumably only operates around water, many people presume it doesn't incur damage.  Take the time to lift your engine and thoroughly inspect the condition of your propeller and blades. Small pieces of wood or debris through the water can cause small nicks or cuts in your baldes, leading to a loss in performance and an increase in fuel consumption.

Prevent Engine Wear on Your Boat

The old saying 'I'll do it when I get back' doesn't really work when you're stuck in the middle of the sea. Before you head out, check your fuel, oil and lubricant levels and tend to anything that is looking a little slow. Utilizing a purpose designed marine engine lubricant is a good way to know your engine is being protected while you drive.

Synthetic Oil in Southlake

Protecting your engine while you enjoy the sea is as easy as getting in touch with Ace Hi Oil and speaking with an expert about the benefits Amsoil Oil in Grapevine can bring to your boat. Give us a call on (888) 459-9958 and get peace of mind when it comes to the protection of your boat engine.

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