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Of all the water based thrill seeking adventures out there, a jet-ski tops the list. With the power, maneuverability and freedom that comes with riding a jet-ski, more and more adventure seekers are finding themselves ditching the traditional boat and water-skis. If this sounds like you and you've just picked up a brand new jet-ski, or you're an old hat looking for a refresher on how to provide basic maintenance, keep reading.

Keep Your Jet-Ski in Good Working Order With a Synthetic Oil Change Near Colleyville

Along with providing high-quality synthetic oil products that keep the truck you use to tow your jet-ski around in good working order, with performance boosts and a reduction in overall maintenance costs, Amsoil Dealer - Ace Hi Oil also has a wide range of marine based AMSOIL products that can provide similar benefits to your jet-ski. Alongside these benefits, Amsoil Dealer - Ace Hi Oil has put together a small maintenance checklist to help keep your jet-ski in good condition.

If You're Just Starting - Start With the Basics

If this is the first time you will be on a jet-ski then it will pay to give your user manual a read. While there's no doubt your friends can teach you the basics of riding, each jet-ski is different, so take a few minutes to read more about yours and any specific maintenance or safety requirements it has. When it comes to water adventure, safety should always come first.

Check Its Fluid Level Each Time

Before you even get it on your trailer or in the tray of your truck, check its fluid levels. Similar to a car, if the fluid levels are low or it doesn't have any, it definitely isn't going to perform well, let alone run at all. If your levels are looking a little low, top them up so you don't get stuck in the middle of your adventure with a jet-ski that won't move. Once you're done, pack the bottle in your truck for safe keeping to help out your friends who weren't as mindful. Speaking of fluid levels, you will likely find that if your jet-ski came with a conventional oil then it may not perform as well as you expect and is likely to need more top-ups that you were anticipating. Take the time to switch out the old oil for a full synthetic oil. Scientifically designed for marine equipment, marine focused synthetic oil includes additives that work together to prevent sludge buildup and help keep your engine clean and performing at its best. If you aren't sure which is the right synthetic oil for your jet-ski, speak with Amsoil Dealer - Ace Hi Oil at (888) 459-9958 and let us find the right product for your needs. If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of each type, check out our website for more information to help you decide.

What's the Condition of Your Battery

Many riders new to jet-skis aren't even aware their craft contains a battery, let alone aware of the uses it provides - such as helping it to start and keeping its electronics running. Take a few minutes each time to inspect the quality of your battery. It doesn't take long to check and can be the difference between your jet-ski starting and you having a great day out on the water, and you being stuck watching your friends enjoy their water crafts.

Keep It Clean!

This one seems so simple but is so important that we are going to say it again - keep it clean! Each time you get back from the water and into your garage, take the time to give it a good wash down with clean water. Pay particularly close attention to any seals and your throttle as any rubber parts and joints can catch small particles of salt or debris and cause buildup and rust. Once you're done, give it a good wipe down to dry it off, cover it with a covering that allows air flow and it'll be in good shape for your next trip.

Looking for the Best Deals for Your Synthetic Oil Change Near Colleyville?

Just because a synthetic oil provides a superior level of protection and facilitates the best performance of your engine doesn't mean that it is expensive. In fact, with its extended lifespan, it can actually work out cheaper than conventional oil as it doesn't require replacement as often. Give Amsoil Dealer - Ace Hi Oil a call at (888) 459-9958 and get the best advice and the best deals on the right product for your synthetic oil change near Colleyville. With an extensive range of marine focused synthetic oils, Amsoil Dealer - Ace Hi Oil can get you on the water for less than you thought, and for longer.

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