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Easy to Follow Tips to Care for Your Muscle Car

Finding the right muscle car for you can be an exciting challenge with a great reward. If you are lucky enough to have found the perfect muscle car for you, Ace Hi Oil has some easy to follow tips to keep your muscle car in good condition.

Choose the Right Storage Space

Older classic cars don't come with the advancements in paint technology that newer cars do and accordingly, they require specialized storage to maintain their original paint job. Try to keep your car elevated from the ground and always in a dry and cool environment. If you plan on storing your car in your garage, ensure there is adequate airflow and in-direct sunlight. Stagnant air has the potential to collect on your paint and your interior and cause mold and paint damage, whilst direct sunlight can easily fade or damage your cars interior.

Change Your Fuel

If you use your muscle car as your primary vehicle, then you are a very lucky motorist. If, however, your muscle car is more for you to admire and take care of, then it is important to keep track on your fuel usage. If the last time you used your car was over a month ago, then change its fuel before operating. Fuel loses its power after one month as it becomes stale and has the potential to cause clogs in your fuel line and injectors.

Choose the Right Oil for Your Muscle Car

Weather conditions have changed greatly since your muscle car was designed and built, and the conventional oil they once used is no longer up to the job. To take care of your muscle car engine, utilize the benefits of synthetic oil and lubricants that are designed specifically for providing comprehensive protection to your muscle car.

Synthetic Oil in Southlake

Taking care of your muscle car is serious business if you want to keep it in great condition for when you take it out and show it to the world. For high quality Amsoil Oil in Grapevine, speak with Ace Hi Oil on (888) 459-9958. Our expert advice can help you find the right product for your muscle car to keep it in great condition and running smoothly.

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