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The old and trusty oil filter. How it has seen us through the good and the bad days...well, maybe just seen us through the driving days. Either way, it's seen us through! And while most motorists are aware that their car has one (largely by way of a mechanic's invoice), many are unaware of what it actually does.

Learn About the Function of Your Oil Filter

If you fall into the category of not knowing, help is at hand! Experts in the field of all things related to a synthetic oil change, Ace Hi Oil has an essential a guide to share.

First Things, First

The best place to start is with a quick explanation of what your car's oil is used for. Your engine is made from metal parts which, when operating, grind and slide up against each other at high speed and under high temperatures as they work. As you can probably imagine, after a short while, this action is going to cause some damage. That's where engine oil comes in. It protects each part and lubricates these actions, ensuring that each part interacts smoothly. If your engine didn't have oil running through it, it wouldn't be running.

If I Put Clean Oil in, Why Does It Need to Be Filtered?

A good question! Over time, the oil inside your engine can deteriorate and start to break down. This happens more frequently if you are using a conventional oil. If you don't replace your oil when it gets old, it loses its ability to protect these engine parts. Left to operate unprotected, they start to shave small pieces away from each other. Guess where these pieces end up. In your oil supply. As your motor oil travels through your engine, it carries these pieces along where they can damage and get in the way of parts operating effectively. Over time, this means replacement parts and mechanic costs.

Surely There Must Be Something out There Which Can Save Us!

Luckily, there is. And it just happens to be your oil filter. For a crude example, imagine a soda can with a hole at each end. Inside the can is a thick material. While your engine is running, pressure pushes the contaminated oil through one end of the can. The pressure is so great that it forces the oil to move through the material. During this process, the material catches any impurities in the oil, leaving only clean oil to come out the other end. Once the oil has been filtered, it's then made available to the engine to be used again. If you can't think of the last time you replaced your oil, now is a good time. Speak with Ace Hi Oil at (888) 459-9958. With a varied range of engine oil products, the experts at Ace Hi Oil can make sure you get the best engine lubricant for your synthetic oil change.

What Happens When It Gets Full?

They say that nothing lasts forever, and your oil filter is no exception. Once the material becomes worn or full, it isn't able to filter out any more oil. However, knowing how important oil is to the operation of your engine, instead of shutting off, it engages a bypass which allows the dirty oil to be fed back into the engine. Just like it was mentioned above, if those contaminants are left to continue through your engine, over time they are going to start seriously getting in the way of how well your engine operates and even impact its overall lifespan.

I Don't Have Time to Go to the Mechanic

A sentence heard often. And reasonable. With busy lives and even busier mechanics, it can be hard to find time to get your car there and them another means of transport while it's being serviced. If you don't mind getting your hands the tiniest bit dirty, a synthetic oil change is something which most owners can do at home in their own driveway. Speak with your car's manufacturer or the dealer for information on how you can do it and what you will need.

Match the Best Engine Lubricant with Your Synthetic Oil Change

If you feel like you can do it at home, consider giving it a try. Of course, you can't replace your oil with a new bottle. Give Ace Hil Oil a call at (888) 459-9958 and speak about the make and model of your vehicle. Alternatively, the online store has more information about each of the products available. If you have other vehicles, such as a watercraft, motorbike, or even just your everyday lawnmower, Ace Hi Oil has an AMSOIL synthetic motor oil suited to its needs.

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