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As the weather starts to slowly show signs that the sun will be visiting again it's a sign that Spring is upon us. And while spring is usually the time where we all give our home and garden a thorough clean, it's important to remember that your vehicle could do with a spring clean of its own.

Tips to Give Your Vehicle a Spring Clean and Keep It Performing at Its Best

Given that the warmer weather is likely to entice you and your family or friends to get out of the house more and enjoy a few road trips or driving adventures, Amsoil Dealer - Ace Hi Oil has put together a few basic maintenance guides to help you get your vehicle ready and prepared.

How Long Has It Been?

For vehicles such as a Jet-ski, ATV, dirtbike or lawnmower, it's likely that the cold weather saw them put in storage while you and your family and friends decided to stay inside and warm during the colder season. While this isn't a bad idea, when these vehicles were in storage they weren't maintaining themselves in pristine condition. If you didn't empty the fuel in your vehicles before storage, it's likely that it has gone bad. Simply empty your gas tank and replace it with fresh fuel. Similarly, if you were using a conventional oil prior to storage, your best bet is to empty it and give your vehicle a synthetic oil change in Grapevine. These quick and simple tips are the first and best steps to ensuring you can enjoy your vehicles through the warmer months.

Speaking of Fluids

While it's easy to think that water is only the other fluid that goes into your engine, there are a number of smaller tanks under the hood which contain vital fluids. Brake fluid, for example, is crucial in bringing your car to a full stop as it provides the pressure to control your brake pads. If you are driving a modern car then it's likely you will also have a small tank for your power steering. Without the correct level of power steering fluid in your vehicle, turning corners and pulling into parking spaces can feel like driving a truck and can cause safety issues if you aren't able to easily steer around obstacles on the road. Any time that an everyday motorist hears about the fluid levels in their car they almost always immediately think about taking their vehicle to a mechanic. And while regular mechanic visits are advised for the purpose of tilling up your fluid levels, they aren't needed. Speak with a friendly expert from Amsoil Dealer - Ace Hi Oil at (888) 459-9958 and ask about getting the best synthetic oil change deals in Grapevine.

Prepare to Stop

Continuing on from your brake fluid, a spring clean of your vehicle is also a great time to check the condition of your brake pads. After all, if you don't have sufficient grip on your brake pads then a full tank of brake fluid isn't going to be much help. Take a good look through your rims at the condition of your brake pads and make sure there is sufficient grip. If you can see any indicators that it's time to replace them, or you hear a grinding noise when you press your foot on the brake pedal, don't take a risk - replace them immediately.

Check Your Tires

When it comes to driving, your tires are the only things that keep you moving and stuck to the road - so pay them a good amount of attention. Take some time to inspect their condition and their level of tread. If there are parts of your tire which look worn or are completely bald, then get them replaced immediately. Bald spots on your tires can limit the amount of traction and control you can achieve while driving and can also affect your braking ability. Additionally, thoroughly inspect your tires for any small tears or cuts which may have occurred driving over pieces of glass or other debris on the road. If left to worsen, these could result in a blown tire whilst you drive, not only posing a serious danger to yourself and your passengers but potentially leaving you stranded.

Get Your Car Vehicle Ready to Go With a Good Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Grapevine

These are just a few of the great and basic tips which can help you prepare your car for the journeys ahead, but are no substitute for common sense. If your dash lights indicate a problem or you notice that your car is overheating, get it checked out and don't leave it to change. Overheating cars often simply require a high-quality coolant and a synthetic oil change in Grapevine, which are easily fixed with a call to Amsoil Dealer - Ace Hi Oil at (817) 431-6664.

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