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Just like numerous characters said, Winter is Coming. And while you don’t have to prepare to combat dragons, now is the perfect time to perform vehicle maintenance to prepare it for what’s ahead. Every motorist wants to do everything they can do not improve the performance of their vehicle but also extend its lifespan. Unfortunately, many of these motorists are left to wonder what they can actually do to achieve either of these, given that they didn’t study motor mechanics at school.

Vehicle Maintenance Tasks Every Motorist Can Perform at Home

Ace Hi Oil knows that this simply isn’t true, and has the following post with basic at-home maintenance ideas you can perform without the need for a mechanic.

A Clean Car

Keeping your car clean is more than just about how it looks. Sure, having a nice looking car sends a nice image, but the reason why cleaning is on this fall maintenance list is that of its ability to prevent damage. Thorough cleaning is the first step to identifying small problems such as rust before they’ve had a chance to cause serious problems. For this reason, set aside a day, rally up the family troops, and give your vehicle a thorough clean. Be sure to pay attention to the areas you don’t often pay attention to, such as high up underneath where your feet are. Water from your shoes can easily make its way up here where it can cause water-related damage and odors. Once you have tacked the outside, take on the outside with just as much gusto, making sure to thoroughly clean areas like your front grill, underneath your wheel coverings and your tires themselves. While you are crouching down there, be sure to also give your tires a good inspection to check their condition. If you can see any damage, such as a nail or debris such in the tread or you can see a bald spot on the tread, take the tire to a professional and have it inspected before driving on it. And, of course, don’t forget to check the condition of your spare.

Oil Change

While you might be used to giving this task to your mechanic, performing a synthetic oil change at home is something that the majority of motorists can do. The reason to replace your oil is simple; It doesn’t last forever. Eventually, it will begin to wear down and won’t be able to provide the high-quality level of protection it once did. When this happens, each part inside your engine starts to slide and grind against each other, causing small chips and nicks to be cut away. As you can imagine, this leads to nothing but engine wear. Preventable engine wear. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your oil, now is the time. When you are performing any type of maintenance on your vehicle, always ensure you are not just using the best products, but the right products. Speak with Ace Hi Oil by calling (888) 459-9958 to learn more about which products are suited to your engine, or click here to buy AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil which is designed to get the most performance out of your vehicle while keeping it clean.

Oil Filter

Of course, while you are at it, changing your oil filter is also a good idea to give your engine a sort of fresh start. Your oil filter is a small soda can-shaped object which, to describe it crudely, takes in dirty oil in one end, captures contaminants, then pushes out clean oil at the other end. However, it can only do this until a certain point when it becomes full. Once this happens, then it can no longer clean your oil, leaving the dirty oil to circulate throughout your engine, causing damage along the way.


Do you notice that other drivers don’t let you into their lanes or that cars behind you seem to get awful close before they stop? It could be that your signals are not working. Start by lifting the hood of your car and checking the condition of the battery. If it has corrosion or acid built up on the terminals, safely disconnect everything and give the battery and terminals a good clean. Once this is complete, find somebody to help you check that each of your indicators and brake lights is working, along with any other lights you have installed on your vehicle.

A Synthetic Oil Change in Southlake Can Do Wonders for Your Car

As you have read, there is much more than you can do for your car to improve its performance and help prepare it for the cold weather ahead. When performing tasks such as changing the oil, speak with an expert at Ace Hi Oil by calling (888) 459-9958 to ensure that you are using the right oil for the task or check out the information available on the online store.

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