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If you are an everyday motorist looking for ways to reduce your gas usage then this is the article for you. Included are some easy to follow tips which can help. If it seems like the cost of gas keeps going up each time that you visit the station and fill up your tank then you are right, it is happening. Gas prices all across the country are showing no signs of lowering, with many motorists looking for ways to reduce their gas usage. The challenge, of course, is that very few car owners know how their engine operates or effective way to reduce their gas consumption.

Easy to Adopt Tips to Reduce Your Gas Usage

With this in mind, and from years of providing excellent customer service and high-quality synthetic oil product to motorists just like yourself, Ace Hi Oil has the following post to offer with great ideas for reducing your gas usage.

How Are Your Tires?

That’s right, your tires. You would be surprised by how much low tire pressure can impact your fuel consumption. Head to your local gas station and ensure each of your tires is at the same and correct pressure, including the spare in your trunk. The purpose of this task in relation to fuel economy is to reduce the level of friction that occurs while you drive. With the correct pressure, the least amount of friction builds up as you drive, requiring your engine to work less to keep you moving. You will also note that your handling performance will improve as a result.

When was the Last Time You Checked Your Oil?

Here is a very basic explanation of how your engine works. Lots of metal parts scrape and move around each at high speed and under great pressure to keep your engine going and your car moving. Without the proper lubrication, friction (just like mentioned above) builds up and makes it harder for each part to do its job. This results in an engine that needs to work harder just to do its basic task. Take out your owner’s manual and look through the list of fluids that your car uses and check their levels. In particular, pay attention to your engine oil and this is the lifeblood of your engine operations. If you notice that any of the levels are low, top them up immediately. If you can see that any of the fluids have passed their usefulness, replace them instead of a simple top up. To make sure you use the best oil for your car, click here to buy AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil which has been designed to get the best performance out of your vehicle at the lowest operating costs. To learn more about how a synthetic oil change in Keller can improve your fuel economy, speak with an expert at Ace Hi Oil by calling (888) 459-9958 today.

Make Some Adjustments

Do you know the difference between racing to the next red light and just coasting up to it? Gas usage. While it may seem minute, if you consider all of the times that you accelerate as soon as the light goes green or the path is clear to full speed it can result in significant unnecessary gas usage. Instead, the next time that the light goes green, just take it easy and make your way calmly to your next red light. Don’t worry, it will still be there when you arrive.

Change Your Routes

Speaking of adjustments, where and when you drive can also play a big role in how quickly your gas tank gets depleted. As you sit down to plan your day or week’s errands, consider the instances where you are commonly stuck in traffic and look for ways around them. For example, consider picking up your dry cleaning at a different time or on a different day if your regular time always has you waiting at numerous traffic lights for what seems like hours on end.

If You Are Stuck

Sometimes, despite how hard you tried to plan around it, you are going to get stuck in traffic. When this happens, consider switching off your car. While you may not be able to enjoy the air conditioner with your car switched off, leaving your engine running (and using the A/C) for 15 minutes while you wait for traffic to clean isn’t going to do your fuel economy any good. Generally, if you expect to wait more than two minutes then consider switching off your engine.

Improve Your Fuel Economy With a Synthetic Oil Change in Keller

A synthetic oil change in Keller can help to get the best fuel economy from your engine, keep it in good shape and take advantage of the tips above. When it comes time for engine maintenance, be sure that you are using only the best and the right products for your engine. Speak with an expert at Ace Hi Oil by calling (888) 459-9958 to learn more or check out the online store for the full range of available AMSOIL products.

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