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If you turn your car on a few minutes before you are ready to leave in an attempt to warm it up, then this is the article for you. Included is information about what warming up your car actually does. As the season changes, our mornings become a little...shall we say...slower. Yes, that seems like a reasonable way to describe the grinding halt that your mornings can come to when you wake up and realize that you have to face cold weather outside. And while your savior is likely flavored with pumpkin spice, have you ever thought about your car?

Improve the Performance of Your Car on Cold Mornings

If you are somebody who starts their car and leaves it running for five minutes while you finish up to allow it to ‘warm up’, Ace Hi Oil is here with a post about how you can actually help your car in the morning, and how your warmups may actually be causing damage and limiting the lifespan of your engine and its parts.

Let's Start With a Basic Explanation of How Your Engine Works

Inside your engine is any number of different parts. These parts are all made of metal and come in a range of sizes and shapes to perform any number of actions to keep your engine going. Each time that you start your engine, all of these parts are called into action to get your vehicle going. As you can imagine, metal parts working with metal parts is going to lead to some serious friction which, in turn, can lead to engine damage caused by these parts eating away at each other. To combat this friction, your engine utilizes motor oil, also known as engine lubricant or simply engine oil.  This fluid makes its way through your engine system, including the intricate spaces between crucial engine parts. This oil coats each of these parts to promote frictionless operation, along with flowing through your engine to further boots its performance. Click here to buy AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and take advantage of the benefits a synthetic oil change in Southlake, TX can provide. If you would like some help choosing the right product, speak with Ace Hi Oil by calling (888) 459-9958.

What Exactly Does Warming up Your Car Do?

With a very basic explanation out of the way, it’s time to understand more about the oil which lubricates each of the parts. When you put conventional or low-quality oil into your vehicle, just as was described above, it makes its way through your engine and coats each of the parts. When your engine is warm, this oil can easily make its way into the most intricate of spaces. However, when you leave your car for the night and the temperatures drop, it’s a different story. When it gets below a certain temperature, these low-quality oils can actually begin to thicken and retract from these tiny spaces. While the quantity will still be inside your engine, it won’t be spread out and comprehensively cover and protect each part. Now for the warm-up. When you switch on your car in the morning and let it ‘warm up’, you’re actually letting the engine oil warm up, giving it enough time to reach a consistency which allows it to protect your engine.

Hang On. I Have to Wait For it to Protect My Engine?

You read that right. If your engine oil has become thick then, until your engine warms up, it isn’t providing full protection, leaving many engine parts vulnerable to preventable and costly damage. If you have ever been charged for general 'engine wear and tear' then an insufficiently lubricated engine could be to blame. Of course, in addition to the cost of the repair, you also have to factor int he cost of being without your car while your mechanic works on it for days on end.

Protect Your Engine From Cold Starts With a Synthetic Oil Change in Southlake, TX

The best way to get your engine ready in the morning isn’t to start it early, it’s to give it a synthetic oil change. A synthetic oil change provides your engine with a layer of protection throughout the cold weather, meaning that your engine is protected the moment that you turn the key each morning. Check out the online store to find out more information or don’t hesitate to give Amsoil Dealer - Ace Hi Oil a call at (817) 431-6664 to find out how a synthetic oil change can benefit your cold starts.

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