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Motor oil lubricates your engine for two functions- to reduce friction between engine parts and to protect metal parts from rust and corrosion. When deciding what to put in your car, you can choose between synthetic and conventional oils. This article will explain the difference.

Properties of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Means Man-Made

Crude oil gets pumped from the ground and refined so you can use it in your engine. We all know the problems with refining, transporting, and burning oil. What you may not know is that crude contains many contaminants, even after the refining process, that can erode your engine over time. Because synthetics are man-made, they do not contain these natural contaminants.

Molecular Properties

Synthetic oil molecules can be perfected in the laboratory, whereas crude oil is simply an imperfect natural design. Nature's crude is not always ideal, so scientists design the molecular structure of synthetic oil for optimum performance. Synthetic molecules are smaller and lighter, requiring less energy to move around. They are also of uniform size, rubbing against each other more easily and lubricating better.


Synthetic oil is customizable, meaning we can add properties to it that you will not find in natural crude. We can design synthetic oils with built-in additives that help keep your engine clean and maintain viscosity longer. All of this can be done in a laboratory, whereas we are largely stuck with what nature gave us with crude oil with all of its limitations.

History of Synthetic Oil

Scientists first developed synthetic oils in the 1930s searching for an alternative to pulling crude from the ground. The product of their research resulted in oil that was more efficient, lasted longer, and protected better than conventional oil. Its initial use was exclusively for aircraft purposes until a pilot named Al Amatuzio decided that everyone deserved the benefits of synthetic oil. In 1972, after years of research, he introduced the first synthetic oil for automobiles through his company, AMSOIL. Call your local AMSOIL Dealer in Fort Worth, TX, hi Hi Oil, at 888-459-9958 to find out more.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil in Fort Worth, TX

Synthetic Oil Lasts Longer

Synthetic oil is built tougher, so it continues lubricating your engine for as long as 25,000 miles. It is also more resistant to extreme heat and cold, so it works under very harsh conditions that would cause conventional oil to break down.

Synthetic Oil Lubricates More Efficiently

Synthetic molecules are more uniform, smaller, and lighter than natural oil molecules. These properties require less energy to lubricate your engine, so you can be sure that your synthetic oil is working as best as possible.

Synthetic Oil Protects More Effectively

With molecules that are free of crude, synthetic oil contains less contaminants that occur in oil pulled from the ground, even after refining. These impurities cause engine corrosion and wear. Because synthetic oils do not introduce these contaminants into your engine, it protects better.

Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Oil

No More Drills, No More Spills

Synthetic oil gets produced in a lab, so requires no more offshore oil drills, no more fracking, no more pipelines, and no more oil spills. Producing synthetic oil is much better for the environment than the processes for drilling, refining, and transporting petroleum.

No More Crude

Contaminants found in natural petroleum not only corrode your engine, but also burn out your exhaust pipe. Synthetic oil is crude free, using less energy to lubricate and protect your engine. The energy savings means improved performance at the cost of less fuel. Lower emissions and better mileage are clear environmental pluses.

No More Dumping

Maybe not no more dumping, but synthetic oil lasts five times as long as conventional oil, so five times fewer oil changes, five times less oil to dispose. Even small improvements have big impacts in this respect. Increasing your drain interval from 5,000 miles to 7,500 reduces your oil dumped by 33%.

Peace of Mind

Synthetic oil lasts longer and tougher than conventional oil. Being free from impurities, it takes longer to break down, going as long as 25,000 miles before needing an oil change. Synthetic oil also maintains viscosity in extreme weather and harsh conditions, where conventional oil will generally fail. You can always rest assured that your oil is working and will continue to protect better and improve performance.

For Synthetic Oil in Fort Worth, TX

When it comes to your car, using synthetic oil is the best decision you can make. Contact your local AMSOIL DealerAce Hi Oil in Fort Worth, TX, at 888-459-9958 and we can get you the lubricants, filters, fluids, and additives you need. Shop for yourself at our online store.

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