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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of tearing through mud swamps or dirt paths under the beaming sun on a dirt bike. Actually, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of doing this through the rain, either! That is, until you get stuck because of a small repair or check that you didn’t do prior to going out for a ride.

General Dirt Bike Maintenance Checklist

Just like all vehicles, a dirt bike has certain maintenance requirements so that it can not only perform at its peak but also get you out of trouble when needed. This post includes a basic dirt bike maintenance checklist to help keep your dirt bike on the track and help keep you out of the mud.

Learn About Your Bike

The best place to start is the one item you have likely thrown out - your owner’s manual. Get it out of storage or download a new copy online and learn about how your bike works, and any particular requirements it has. If your bike is new, be sure to follow any engine break-in procedures that are advised.

Air Filter

Considering the amount of dirt, dust, and debris that you ride through, your air filter has a tough time doing its job. Instead of replacing it, the air filter in your dirt bike can be cleaned. Take it out of the casing and give it a good clean in a bucket with some warm water and laundry detergent. Once you it is as clean as it’s going to get, let it dry completely before putting it back in. While it dries, take the time to clean out the housing.

Cables and Levers

Many riders don’t know that the cables and levers can be adjusted to suit your riding style. Adjusting your cables and levers also serves a higher purpose, in that it gets them out of the way when riding. This prevents your throttle from being caught and engaged when you turn. For expert knowledge and high-quality products for your dirt bike, speak with Ace Hi Oil at (888) 459-9958. If you are looking to give your bike a synthetic oil change, ask about the range of AMSOIL engine lubricants which are suited to your ride. Their online store also has further information about each of the AMSOIL engine lubricants and products available.

Chain Tension

Keeping your chain in good condition is not just about performance, but also safety. The last thing you want is the chain snapping and either ruining your crankcase or causing you injury. Find a middle ground between a chain that is too tight to move with your fingers and one that hangs with a lot of slack.

Clean Your Chain

Continuing on with your chain, make sure it stays clean. Mud can easily and quickly accumulate on your chain. Take a wire brush and remove any buildup. Once you’ve cleaned the chain, give it a fresh coat of lubricant.

Keep Your Fluids in Check

Like any vehicle, a dirt bike requires the right level of fluids to perform. Brake fluid, coolant, and engine lubricant are the best place to start. If the levels are low, don’t wait until you get back - top them up now. Your owner’s manual will also be the place to learn about which other fluids your bike needs.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your dirt bike clean isn’t just so you can admire it. With the conditions you ride through, dirt, mud, and general debris can easily get caught up in the engine and body. If left, this can decrease your bike’s performance and cause unnecessary wear and damage. After each ride, give it a solid wash down and dry it off completely.

Tighten Your Bolts

The vibrations that run through your dirt bike as you ride can loosen bolts and fittings. Linked to the tip above about cleaning your bike, once it’s dry, spend a few minutes fiddling with and tightening any bolts, screws, or fittings that you can see.

Keep Your Bike in Good Shape With a Regular Synthetic Oil Change

This is a great checklist to get you started on dirt bike maintenance. Speak with other riders and look through online forums for more ideas on how to get the most out of your dirt bike. When you are ready for your next synthetic oil change, speak with Ace Hi Oil at (888) 459-9958 and ask which engine oil is right for you. If you prefer, their online store has all of the products available with accompanying information.

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