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Would you know how to identify if your brakes need a small problem fixed before it causes larger issues? This article has indicators for you to look and listen for. When you are growing up and learning to drive, a number of people will give you their version of a crash course in vehicle maintenance. And as beneficial as these tips are likely to be, they are centered around the engine; what to look out for and how to fix common problems that will inevitably arise. However, that they didn’t tell you was how to know when your brakes need some driver attention.

What to Look and Listen out for When It Comes to Your Brakes

To help round off your knowledge base of crash courses, What to Look and Listen out for When It Comes to Your Brakes has prepared the following article with some of the most common signs that your brakes need your attention in one way or another.

I Didn't Know We Had a Dinosaur in the Trunk?!

Unless you are driving a car from The Flintstones, your car shouldn’t sound like it’s being driven by prehistoric birds and animals. Especially not the squealing kind! If you can hear a squealing sound coming from your wheels each time that you apply pressure to the brake pedal then it’s time to replace your brakes. The sound you are hearing is a purpose designed mechanism to alert you that your brake pads are running low. Inside the pad material sits a small metal pin. As your brake pads get lower, this pin begins to come into contact with your wheels, leading to the noise you hear. If you can hear the noise, it's time to buy new brake pads.

Does Your Car Have Its Own Sound Effects?

There are many sounds which a car should make, such as the sound of the engine rumbling or the whir of the air conditioner. A sound a car shouldn’t make is a clicking noise from the wheels. If you can hear a clicking noise when you start to slow down your car then it’s possible that one or more of your brake pads has become dislodged in its fitting, causing it to move around. This movement causes the clicking noises you hear, coming from metal hitting metal as you brake. There are a number of reasons how this could have happened, but the important point is that you don’t neglect the warning sound. Your brake pads are only one part of your braking system. Your brake fluid is also highly responsible for the performance of your brakes. Click here to buy AMSOIL DOT 3 and DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid and give your brakes maximum ABS support and traction control. To learn more or to speak with an expert about its compatibility with your vehicle, call Ace Hi Oil today at (888) 459-9958.

Do You Remember the Good Old Days of Stopping?

If braking in a timely fashion is nothing more than a distant memory you often think about as you prepare to brake miles ahead of an upcoming red light, then it’s time to get your brakes checked. THis is the most recognizable sign of your brakes needing some attention and likely a replacement. If your brakes are at the point where you can feel them not working as well as they should, it’s time to get to the mechanic.

Only the Driver Should Steer

If it feels like your car wants to change lanes each time that you put your foot on the brake pedal to either slow down or to come to a complete stop then it’s a sign that your brakes need some attention. Whether it’s a frozen caliper or simply an unevenly worn brake pad, if your car pulls to one side when you brake, get it to a mechanic to ensure it is not a symptom of a much larger and dangerous problem.

Give Your Engine a Synthetic Oil Change in Grapevine

While your mechanic can take care of problems they see while your car is with them, it’s up to you, as a driver, to be aware of potential problems so that you can avoid potentially dangerous situations. When you are inspecting your brakes, be sure to include your brake fluid in your check and if the level is low of the quality is bad, give Ace Hi Oil a call at (888) 459-9958 to find out the right replacement. If you already know what you are after, check out the online store to find more information or to place an order.  

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