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If you’re looking for some beginner’s tips on how to tow a boat, then you’re looking for this article. Just because the sunny days are gone doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the water. This article has some beginner which can help. For some unknown reason, people can often feel embarrassed for not knowing how to tow a trailer. After all, if you can maneuver a car then surely you should be able to tow a trailer. Right? Wrong.

Beginner Tips for Safely Towing a Trailer

If you love the idea of getting a boat and a trailer and starting to enjoy some outdoor adventures, then this article from Ace Hi Oil has some tips which can help.

How Are Your Tires?

Similar to how you pay attention to how the tires on your car are faring (it’s okay if you run out and check them quickly now), you need to pay attention to the tires on your trailer. Before you head out, take a few minutes to make sure that everything looks okay. Even if you aren’t a mechanic, you will still be able to notice serious problems like any chunks or tread taken out by debris or even debris still stuck in your tread, just waiting to come loose and release all of the air inside your tire. The last thing that you want it to be towing up an incline and suddenly lose your tire pressure. Once you’re sure they are doing okay and are safe to drive on, check their pressure. When doing this, it’s important that you think about any terrain and conditions which might require a certain range of tire pressure. For example, if you expect to go through mud or slipper inclines, and only have a short drive to the location then it would be better to adjust early. Click here to buy AMSOIL’s high-quality Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease to keep your joints spinning smoothly. Remember, even brief dips in the water as you lower your boat can cause trouble for your bearings if left unprotected. If you aren’t sure this is suited to your trailer, give the experts at Ace Hi Oil a call at (888) 459-9958 and speak with a friendly professional about the condition you will be putting your trailer through in the search of that ‘perfect spot’.

Next up, It's Stopping!

This one can often be tricky for a beginner because it isn’t always apparent if your trailer is braking when you are. Obviously, if they aren’t working at all then you’re going to feel it as you touch the brake pedal, but for small issues, this isn’t always the case. And as anybody who has tried to tow a boat through some tricky terrain will tell you, if your trailer can’t hold its own weight then you’re aren’t going to get very far. Having somebody give your brakes a visual inspection while you sit in the car and apply the brakes is the simplest way to check they’re working fine.


Of course, while you’re both in the position, check the electrics are working, such as the brake lights and your indicators. If any, and we mean any, of them, aren’t working, then your trailer isn’t safe to tow, and you shouldn’t be towing it. Period. Head to the store and pick up some replacement bulbs before you take it out.

What Can You See?

Depending on what you’re towing, your regular side mirrors might not cut it. After all, part of being a safe driver is being an aware driver, and you can’t be aware if you can’t see what’s behind you, beyond the back of your car. In addition to this, consider adding your own reverse-camera which you can easily pick up at some electronics store to help you see where you’re going.

Take It Slow

Last, but certainly not least, don’t rush! As part of your plans, be sure to allow for a little extra time so that if somebody is running late then you won’t try to make up the time on the road. Rushing while towing is an easy way to cause trouble on the road and is easily avoidable with planning. In addition, be more aware of other drivers and how you are fitting on the road. If you are on a two-lane road, for example, be sure that your trailer isn’t sitting too close to the line or the other car. Simple thoughts like this will help to keep you and other road users safe.

Take Care of Your Towing Vehicle with a synthetic oil change in Southlake, TX

Of course, your trailer can only take your boat as far as the vehicle allows it. Be sure to take care of your vehicle with simple engine maintenance steps like a synthetic oil change in Southlake, TX. A synthetic oil change gives your engine parts the high-quality protection they need to operate efficiently and with minimal wear and damage. Check out the online store to learn more or speak with a friendly expert at Ace Hi Oil by calling (888) 459-9958 to find out more about how a synthetic oil change in Southgate, TX can improve the performance of your vehicle and which is the right product for your needs.

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